Since I have a fascination with modular furniture, I love exploring the endless options that are available for function and beauty inside a home. From the traditional murphy table to the hidden and clever stair drawers, there’s plenty of hidden space to stash all of your essentials. If you’re looking for inspiration, below I have seven folding furniture designs that you can implement into your next home project.

Murphy Table

The clever Murphy Table folds out from any wall, allowing you the full dining experience of a two-person table that can be folded back up into the wall to save space. Bonus: Put a poster or a painting behind the table to be showcased while it is packed away!


Storage Bench

These are such great options for storage that you don’t want to be obvious. Flip up the seat of the bench and store books, small appliances, out-of-season clothes, or anything you don’t need right away under the seat. Enjoy the bench and keep those odds and ends out of sight!


Dog Crate & End Table

Dog crates can take up a lot of room and be pretty unsightly in any room of the house. Why not add a wood top to the crate and use it as the end table to a couch? Use some cloth to cover the sides of the crate and only the dog will know it’s a crate!


Pet Food Station/Dresser

Just as unattractive as a dog crate can be the bowls left out for feeding your dog or cat. Why not set them up to be tucked away when they finish eating? Use a dresser or any storage cabinet with drawers and turn the bottom drawer into a pull-out station to hold dishes in place. Open the drawer up to feed, and simply slide it back with the dishes when finished!


Fold-up Baby Changing Station

These don’t have to be like the ones in public bathrooms – but they do follow the same technical design. Baby changing tables can be bulky and aren’t all that inviting in a home, especially if they are outside of the baby’s room. Using the same concept as the Murphy Table, simply set up a pull-down table that is big enough for baby and that can be put away when they are finished being changed. Save so much space and only pull out the changing table for the few minutes of time that you need it!


Chair Storage Within A Table

Chairs can take up so much space that may limit a small room. By choosing a design that allows the chairs to be stored entirely underneath the table, you can save much more room! Either invest in a chair and table set that is built specifically to be stored in a compact way, or make your own version simply by choosing chairs that are the right size to fit entirely under the table. You won’t believe how much more space it will allow you!


Stair Drawers

Your stairs likely currently serve one purpose: to get you up and down. Why not use the empty space in them by adding drawers that can be used for storage? Just make sure to close them before running up or down to avoid an accident!


Sim Fern is the founder of Upbeat Designs, a Brooklyn-based provider of custom furniture, upholstery, and millwork services for luxury residential and commercial spaces. Sim has always had a passion for furniture, as he’s been working in the business since he was a teenager. What started out as a side job turned into a career for Sim — he’s now transitioned from small projects for homeowners to a wide range of clientele with Upbeat Designs. You can connect with Sim Fern online.