As a fresh January closes in, I find it fascinating–from a psychological, as well as a design standpoint–to look back upon the past year’s most popular home decor shades, and compare how drastically the upcoming year’s top color predictions differ. 2017 was the year of tropical greens, chic camels, and generally cozy, neutral hues: the color equivalence of comfort food.

2018’s color forecast seem to send an entirely different message; gone are complacent palates, in their place, an almost aggressive vibrancy shouts for our attention. Daring pinks and intense yellows vie for relevance, clashing against an old guard of established trends–minimalist black and white–in an attempt to paint over the status quo.

It’s clear that in home furnishings, the color scheme crown is up for grabs this year, and the following shades look to be 2018’s strongest competitors.

“Penelope” Pink

The 2018 Color of the Year, according to Graham and Brown, is Penelope pink. Inspired by tales of the resilience of Penelope–legendary wife of Greek hero Odysseus–this pastel salmon shade is an updated take on last year’s neutral-tone heavy palette, and a natural evolution of the “millennial pink” craze of past years. Simple yet striking, this color works well when paired with magnolia flower prints.

Black is Back

All-black rooms have been making a statement for years now. This enduring trend looks to enjoy another year in the limelight, as aptly applied blacks are known to simultaneously complement and dominate nearly any color scheme, creating a truly dramatic effect.

Ultra Violet

Pantone’s 2018 choice for Color of the Year is no slouch, and may soon grace couches and chairs everywhere. Deep and rich, ultra violet radiates with cool electricity. Once a symbol for kings and queens, this shade honors purple’s majestic legacy, while mixing in a twist of adventurous impact.

Minimalist Pastels

Sherwin Williams suggests that the era of minimalist black and white interiors may soon be over. 2018 looks to usher in a palette of soft mint greens, sandy pinks, and more. The slight coloring differences that set apart this new wave of neutrals draw together distinct design elements, establishing an environment of harmony.

Bright Yellows and Greens

Once considered a design risk, Pantone predicts that the upcoming year will see wider acceptance of shades such as “vibrant yellow” and “lime popsicle.” Both literally and figuratively interpreting the phrase “you need to lighten up,” these colors promise to replace the burden of drab design with playfully colored features meant to project childlike joy.

With such a diverse color palette on the horizon, it seems that 2018 will have little choice but to be a fascinating year for home design.