In many ways, the millwork in a living space imitates the qualities of its owners. From the calm polish of minimalism to classical panache, millwork captures the attitude of a setting; each piece is a unique marriage of corners and curves, all fused to embody some distinct character. With an intricate design, every additional line and indent adds an organic quality, creating a lacework of detail that–while elaborate in appearance–communicates a simple, universal message: that its owner understands the value of artistry, and the pleasure in visual appeal.

Millwork’s ability to inject character within a space is the reason for its prevalence in design, however, also beneficial is its versatility; millwork’s ready-crafted products come in variations as numerous as the personalities of everyone who appreciates them. Here are a few ways that detailed millwork can become the pièce de résistance of any living area.

Medallions Take Center Stage

Ornate medallions flow elegantly from a central point. They’re perfect for directing one’s gaze toward chandeliers and other decorative ceiling elements. In the Victorian era, an ultra-detailed medallion was an indication of family status; the earliest were cast from plaster and lavishly embellished. Medallions are often painted to contrast the ceiling and complement the trim.

Classic Curves

Simple and clean, arched entranceways instill transitionary areas with a graceful appeal. Serving as a bridge between distinct elements–for example, geometric ceiling patterning and contemporary furniture–arches complement a formal design. A monochromatic color scheme pays homage to true classical style.

Box Beams for Balanced Kitchens

In few places does function meet form quite as drastically as the kitchen. Clunky appliances can cause layouts to appear cramped and awkward. Criss-crossing box beams restore a sense of symmetry to the space, creating the illusion of balanced movement. Since they lower ceiling height, box beams are ideal in kitchens with ceilings above nine feet.

Style is King with Crown Moulding

Attention to detail is what sets masterworks apart, and crown moulding captures that sentiment like nothing else. Its elaborate profile rests regally atop walls and mantles, silhouetting a space’s feature designs with eye-catching finesse.

Millwork is more than senseless decoration; carefully chosen carpentry serves to highlight a property’s strongest traits. By patching visual inconsistencies and capturing a unique aesthetic, intricate millwork adds significant value to a setting.