If you’re thinking about remodeling or refurnishing your home, you probably have so many ideas running through your head that you don’t know where to start! Should you get a new entertainment center? Do you need more storage? What kind of decorations are you using?

These questions and more will help you find creative solutions to your lifestyle and design needs for your home. You might have a traditional look pictured in your head; however, these insanely futuristic furniture designs might change your mind.

An Origami Door

A door is just a door, right? Think again! The EvolutionDoor by German artist Klemens Torggler takes the traditional door to new heights by creating a foldable design. With just a small push, the kinetic force causes the door to fold on itself like origami. Although the door is not for sale, you can recreate the concept in your own home with a little bit of creativity and some hard work.


A Bendable Bookshelf…

This new shelving concept by German furniture designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn will change the game for how you store your books. When you think of a bookshelf, you imagine it’s several pieces of wood furnished together to create a sturdy place for your books. However, this bendable bookshelf breaks all the rules. This flexible bookshelf is made from six thin — but sturdy — planks of wood that can be adjusted to fit books of all sorts of sizes. With stainless steel locking collars placed at both ends, the shelf is sturdier than it looks. The shelf retails for 799,00 Euros.


…Or An Expandable Bookcase

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a bookcase that bends, you can try one that will expand instead. The REK bookcase displays books in an easy and clean way while also providing an opportunity for you to grow your book collection without any worry. This bookcase will expand, so the more books you have, the bigger the bookcase, and the more shelves you will have. There are also several compartments that are perfect for magazines!


A Chair That’s Also a Great Piece of Artwork

If you’re searching for the perfect chair, why not have it on display as a work of art? YOY, a Tokyo-based design studio, created a chair that perfectly melds together form and function. The Canvas chair is a work of art that looks like a chair and can be used as one! Made of wood, aluminum and stretched elastic canvas, the work can be leaned against a wall to give you an Instagram-worthy throne right in your own home.


Sim Fern is the founder of Upbeat Designs, a Brooklyn-based provider of custom furniture, upholstery, and millwork services for luxury residential and commercial spaces. Sim has always had a passion for furniture, as he’s been working in the business since he was a teenager. What started out as a side job turned into a career for Sim — he’s now transitioned from small projects for homeowners to a wide range of clientele with Upbeat Designs. You can connect with Sim Fern online.