Sim Fern, founder of Upbeat Designs, is driven every day by the high standards of craftsmanship and discipline necessary to create beautiful visions of design and art for his clients. As someone who has always worked for himself, Sim has paved his own path in the ever-changing world of design and architecture. Starting in simple home repairs as a teenager and ultimately transitioning into custom upholstery, custom furniture design, and high-end millwork early in his twenties, Sim now proudly owns and operates his own successful business in Brooklyn, New York.

Called Upbeat Designs, Sim Fern founded the company as a comprehensive provider for residential and commercial applications of all kinds, so that he can help people in the design world fabricate whatever’s next on their horizons. With thousands of completed projects and over 14 years of hands-on experience, Sim has continued to refine his client relationship and craftsmanship skills using consistent face-to-face client interactions and attending networking events every year.

Based on Sim Fern’s hard working values, each piece of custom-made furniture is carefully handcrafted in Upbeat Designs’ own shop and is made of products grown and fabricated in the USA. Boasting a difference in the details, Upbeat Designs guarantees that every piece of furniture is created with the utmost care and expertise to meet the needs of their clients, combining form with function for truly unique and captivating results.

There are infinite opportunities for design and architecture in today’s world, and as the United States makes an economic shift back toward locally-made products, Sim Fern has the chance to fabricate these opportunities for clients from various backgrounds. From transforming the Grand Central Terminal into a sports venue to designing Bond Collective’s brand new event space called The Mezzanine, Sim and the Upbeat Designs team have been honored take on those projects to create something truly captivating.

Sim Fern is always looking for learning opportunities within the industry. He attends the Architectural Digest show annually, where he can connect with other professionals and be exposed to some of the most exciting design inspiration today. He is particularly eager about a few trends, such as modular furniture and homes, smart tech implementation into furniture and woodworking, and more.

This blog will cover some of the most exciting developments in design and architecture from Sim’s perspective. Whether he’s discussing visuals vs. utilitarian purpose, modular furniture, or simply sharing news on the future of 3D printing, Sim’s blogs will leave you with a more in-depth understanding of the architecture, interior design, and millwork realm. Stay tuned!

The Best Types of Wood for Furniture Making

I take great pride in the furniture and millwork pieces we create at Upbeat Designs. We carefully handcraft each custom-made piece to meet the needs of our clients, combining design with function for truly unique end results. Since we most commonly work with wood when we fabricate furniture, there are a few types of wood I highly recommend for certain types of furniture over others. Below is a small selection of woods we commonly use, and the types of furniture I recommend fabricating from them.

The Design Secrets of Modular Homes

Modular homes are the new custom-built homes of today. Not only are these homes are more environmentally friendly, but they have unlimited design options from a traditional colonial to a Mediterranean home.


This is the first post on Sim Fern’s blog dedicated to design and architecture. Visit again soon.