I take great pride in the furniture and millwork pieces we create at Upbeat Designs. We carefully handcraft each custom-made piece to meet the needs of our clients, combining design with function for truly unique end results. Since we most commonly work with wood when we fabricate furniture, there are a few types of wood I highly recommend for certain types of furniture over others. Below is a small selection of woods we commonly use, and the types of furniture I recommend fabricating from them.

Cherry Wood

Cherry is a beautiful hardwood with rich reddish-brown tones. If you go furniture shopping, you’ll notice many dining room sets are made of this type of wood. Not only does cherry wood look elegant on its own, but this type of wood can be easily shaped into any chair, table or cabinet — meaning furniture made from cherry wood can have impressive and intricate carvings. You can thank the woods’ straight grain for that!

Since cherry wood polishes impeccably well, you know you’ll be getting a quality piece of furniture if you purchase a piece made from this material.


Walnut Wood

When you think of walnut, you probably think the wood is light brown, just like the nut that comes from the tree. However, lumber that comes from the walnut tree comes in two different colors — light brown, which comes from the center of the tree, and yellow, which comes from the outer sections of the tree.

Regardless of its color, walnut wood is extremely strong and resistant to dings, meaning it’s a good type of wood to use in kitchen cabinetry. Since you’ll be opening and closing those cabinets daily, the wood it’s fabricated from definitely needs to be durable!


Cedar Wood

When you’re investing in a good piece of furniture for your outdoor patio, you want to make sure it lasts, right? Cedar is the best type of wood for outdoor furniture because it can withstand the elements, pests and decay. How is that possible? The natural oils found in cedar wood is actually resistant to decay and wards away bugs. According to woodcountry.com, outdoor furniture made from cedar is so durable that it can actually last up to 30 years!


Pine Wood

Since it’s a soft type of wood, pine is susceptible to scratches and dents — and therefore, it isn’t recommended for making most types of furniture. However, because pine is inexpensive, lightweight, and takes on almost any paint color, pine is a great type of wood for children’s furniture. Kids are messy and they’re known for breaking things, so it’s best to not to invest in a nice piece for a children’s bedroom or playroom.


Sim Fern is the founder of Upbeat Designs, a Brooklyn-based provider of custom furniture, upholstery, and millwork services for luxury residential and commercial spaces. Sim has always had a passion for furniture, as he’s been working in the business since he was a teenager. What started out as a side job turned into a career for Sim — he’s now transitioned from small projects for homeowners to a wide range of clientele with Upbeat Designs. You can connect with Sim Fern online.