Modular homes are the new custom-built homes of today. Not only are these homes are more environmentally friendly, but they have unlimited design options from a traditional colonial to a Mediterranean home. Because of their “green” approval and how easy it is to build a modular home, these homes are becoming more and more popular. Are you confused as to what exactly modular homes are and how they’re designed? Read more information below!

Modular Homes Actually Start in a Factory

If you’re picturing a house built on a conveyor belt, you’re wrong! A modular home built in a factory is similarly put together like a home on-site. However, the major difference is that modular homes are built indoors in a temperature-controlled environment. Because these homes are built indoors, the building materials are protected by the elements, thus making the home safer for its future inhabitant. Not only that, but because these homes are protected from the weather, the construction process moves along much faster than a home built on-site.

Modular homes are built in sections, usually room by room, and designed in a computer-aided design program. The construction starts with the fabrication of the floor, then interior walls are attached. After sections of the home is built in the factory, they are covered, then carefully delivered to its final location on flat-bed trucks. Builders will finish the process by assembling the rooms together, then attaching the exterior walls complete with windows and siding, then finally placing the roof on top.


Upscale Homes are a Development

Although modular homes have been used for typical middle-class dwellings, technological innovation has paved the way for more sophisticated and spacious homes called modular mansions.

In fact, author Sheri Koones outlines 21 of these modular houses ranging from 1,344 to 12,700 square feet in her book, “Modular Mansions.” The book showcases a Victorian home in New England, a canyon-view log home, and more in a collection of modular dream homes.


The Future of Modular Design is in 3D Printing

3D printers are changing the game for all sorts of fields — including homebuilding. According to, three-dimensional printing will eventually help facilitate the creation of new housing designs, new shapes, and new architectural ideas that couldn’t have been built before. Even the homebuyer can have the chance to design and style their dream home on a computer, then the 3D printer can bring the home to life in a matter of days!

Similar to today’s modular home design process, building designs are created in a computer-aided design, program. However, the difference is that these designs are then transmitted to a large industrial printer that have robotic arms tipped with nozzles. The nozzle spews out construction materials layer by layer as the arms make their computer-programmed rotations around the base of the building.


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