Modular furniture is a term that’s recently come about in the architecture and design world. These pieces of furniture are built to be customizable and have multiple uses — which is perfect for individuals who live in small apartments.

Deemed “generation rent” by Dezeen, modular furniture is designed for a generation that lives a more nomadic life than their older counterparts, and thus, they find themselves moving from home to home quite frequently. Not only that, but living quarters are getting smaller and smaller, meaning pieces need to serve a variety of functions for the sake of space. And in today’s age of customization, modular furniture seems like an attractive investment for many.

Ottomans Are More than Just Storage Units

When you think of an ottoman, you typically picture a rectangular upholstered piece of furniture that can be used as a seat, a footstool, or even a storage unit for living room blankets. These days, ottomans can be used for other purposes even further than you can imagine — such as storing multiple chairs! This nesting Cubista ottoman from Resource Furniture expands to five individual seats, which is perfect for individuals who live in small spaces, but like to entertain frequently.


Ottomans can also serve as tables as well. This Designs4Comfort Brentwood Storage Ottoman offers the comforts of a typical ottoman, but the tops are reversible, giving way to tray tops that can be used as a table. SimFernFurnitureTableOttoman SimFernOttomanFurnitureTable

Furniture Will Charge Your Devices

Since we are becoming more dependent on technology, it’s just as important to keep these devices charged. But with too many cords, it’s easy to get frustrated with the mess. Not only that, but outlets can be few and far between! The days of tangled cables and hunting for outlets will soon be gone with innovations in furniture that will charge your devices.

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea was among one of the first furniture developers to produce a wireless charging station for iPhones. They released a line last spring that includes a table lamp, a floor lamp and two different nightstands with charging pads that can be installed in any location on the furniture. Argentina-based company Curvilux and London-based company Fonesalesman followed suit with their own nightstands with built-in chargers. It’s furniture for the future.


Your Home Will Be Decorated in Bold Colors

This year’s ICFF New York showcase, which is North America’s premier showcase for surface, commercial, hospitality, kitchen and bath design, revealed plenty of bold colors in the industry’s repertoire, reported Style Magazine. Spanish furniture manufacturer Capdell revealed its Mirò chairs from the Claesson Koivisto Rune Chairs Collection and the Insula Modular Seating Systems are available in a range of bold colors like mustard yellow, olive green and burnt orange. I’m expecting what was revealed at this showcase will trickle down to a handful of other furniture designers as well!


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